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In early 2001, Keith Shepherd (owner of Re-Do-It Renovations) put his talents, passion and ideas to work, and since then has created a successful renovation company. Keith and his teams have seen numerous customer visions through to reality and they always produce results with exceptional quality. The main driving force in the marketing aspect of the company is word-of-mouth testimonials and referrals; upstanding reputation and happy clients are the keys to our success!

Keith is a man of honesty, integrity, kindness and has a great sense of humour! At age 12 he started working in a hardware store where he initially fell in love with all things construction. His curiosity and strong work ethic took over and he has been home-improving ever since.

Starting out with basement renovations, ReDoIt soon opened up to landscaping and exterior home improvement, and then quickly developed into a company that will handle ALL of your renovation needs. Just recently, Redoit has ventured very successfully into the commercial renovation world - a challenge Keith and his team have taken on wholeheartedly


Keith Shepherd

Something you should know about Keith - he is a generous man and very involved in his much-loved city of Calgary. Keith and his crews spent weeks donating their time and supplies to assist flood victims in the flood of 2013. He has also been a proud sponsor of Kids Cancer Care for 20 years. There is more, but he's too humble to let us tell you about it!

Are you looking to experience a renovation you will only need once? Contact Keith and the hardworking team at ReDoIt Renovations today!

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